Day 30: Music and Words

Tonight is a night for headphones. A night for new music. Movie scores I’ve never heard before.

There is something profoundly beautiful about music written to help you make sense of a story.

Each note, each chord chosen specifically. Intentionally.

When I run out of words, I put on my headphones and remember this story is being written by someone else.

That each moment has been crafted specifically. Intentionally.

And I live by His Words. Not mine.

Listening and trusting tonight that each note, dissonant or harmonious, is exactly as it should be.

And someday we’ll hear the final score, and we will ache for the beauty of it. And we’ll wonder how it ever sounded strange to us.

Until that day Lord, give us grace. Give us a small taste of that melody to carry us over. Give us ears to hear your glory, even here. 


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